Toga Costumes

The one rule of attending a toga party is that you need to wear toga costumes to the party. It is possible to find many great styles on, or you can make your own. The simplest toga costumes are made by simply taking a twin size sheet and wrapping it around the waist, then the body, and throwing the end over one shoulder. A rope can then be tied around the waist with enough extra length to allow it to hang down. Toga costumes are worn to toga parties, and they are popular costumes for Halloween.

Toga CostumeThere are toga costumes made for kids, as well as for men and women that are sold online at websites that sell costumes, such as Ready-made costumes do not require the wrapping and pinning that is necessary when a sheet is used. Costumes that are already made have other advantages as well. Some men’s costumes have an additional colorful layer that is attached to the white toga underneath. It may be red or purple, and it can really stand out at a toga party when everyone else is in pure white. Some men’s costumes also have a sword and shield as accessories, and there is almost always a rope that ties around the waist.

Women’s ready-made costumes are often more body-fitting and tailored. Some togas are white with golden ropes around the waist and under the bust to provide a fitted look. There are also other colors available for women and girls in pink or other light colors. The woman’s and girl’s costumes may be short and stop at the knee, and the more daring women’s designs are slit all the way up the waist. There are other styles that extend down to the mid-calf.

Many people buy toga costumes to wear to toga parties. They can be kept and worn again if they are made of a durable microfiber fabric instead of thin, shabby fabric that falls apart after one wearing. Kids also love toga costumes, and they can wear them for Halloween and for any school programs that may require this type of apparel.

It is easy to make toga costumes yourself with either a sheet or fabric that is purchased at a fabric store. If you are using a sheet, a twin sheet is the best type since larger size sheets will be too bulky and hard to arrange the way they should be. Sheets can also be expensive if you are planning to purchase a flat white sheet for this purpose. It is often more economical to go to the fabric store and buy white muslin or even a polyester blend in white or ivory. Usually, around four yards is a sufficient amount of fabric, but some people need five or six yards.

Toga costumes are first wrapped around the waist and pinned with a safety pin. Then, they can be wrapped around the body a couple of times and the end can be thrown over one shoulder. The other shoulder is traditionally bare. Women sometimes wrap a part of the fabric or sheet around their bust. They then leave their belly bare and wrap a short piece of fabric at the hips. This style works well for college freshmen and other college students or young people, but many older women prefer to be a bit more covered.

Men often wear shorts or underwear beneath the toga costumes, and women often wear panties and a bra. Accessories for women may include an arrangement of ivy made into a crown for their head or a spring of greenery pinned into their hair. They may also wear gold bracelets and earrings.

Regardless of which costume someone wears, toga costumes are always fun to wear because they are unique and are sure to be noticed by everyone.

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