Toga Parties

Toga parties are the oldest form of party known, and probably none of them had taken place until the movie, Animal House, brought the practice back to life. Toga parties are often held at colleges and universities. They may be an activity of a fraternity or sorority, or they might be sponsored by a college or one of the dorms on campus. People of all ages attend toga parties. They can be held for any occasion, such as a birthday or graduation, or they may be held just so people can get together to have fun. There is one special rule that applies to every toga party, and that is that a toga costume must be worn by everyone who attends.

Toga PartyBoth the Romans and Greeks wore similar clothing called a toga. A toga can be made with a white sheet that is wrapped around the waist and body and then draped over one shoulder. Although most people wear white, other colors are also acceptable as well. Some people say that buying fabric that is not as wide as a sheet is much easier to wrap up in for the most authentic looking toga. A circle of greenery is often placed on the head, and a rope is tied around the waist. Women may also tie a rope below the bust line to have a more fitted look. Sandals are the usual footwear, but going barefoot is okay if the weather is warm.

Decorations and invitations for the party can be created to reflect the theme of the party and add to the excitement of the upcoming event.  One idea for invitations is to print the information on white card paper with green vines printed around the borders. There could be Roman columns or other symbols from the Greek or Roman cultures on the invitations as well, depending on whether the toga party is a Greek or Roman one. Images of columns can be placed on either side of the card front with all of the necessary information imprinted between the columns. Another idea is to search for clip art of Roman figures to place on the card. If they are being handed out in person, a creative idea is to roll them up and tie them with a string.

As far as decorations, there are also many options available. Ivy is often used to decorate around the door of the house or the location of the toga party. It can be draped down like a garland. White and gold are often used as the main colors for the toga party theme. There should be a lot of candles to light up the room. White candles sitting on simple gold candle holders add to the ancient ambiance of a Roman gathering. Some people put white sheets on one wall with Styrofoam columns around the perimeter of the room. There are urns and other decorations that can be found at party stores, especially around Halloween.

Although some people may play games, it is also fun to appoint someone as the Emperor for the night. They can go around to guests and request that they perform certain acts. The Emperor may want them to raise their wine glasses to him or march to the Coliseum. The Emperor could also have a throne where he sits, and he could draw names of guests who are called to a meeting with him. The suspense could mount as the Emperor awards prizes, or for some guests, a trip to the dungeon.

Toga parties often serve wine rather than any other alcoholic drink. There may be simple foods served, such as grapes, olives, figs, nuts, and small loaves of food. If the guests are arriving in time for a meal, it could be simple cheese on bread, served with bunches of grapes. If this won’t suffice, any food can be served, but it should be simple.

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